Ravenol Super EP Mast

Proizvođač: Ravenol
Vrsta proizvoda: Masti i paste
Model: 1340104
Jedinica mjere: Kom
Šifra: 1737


  400G - 4.00€
  1KG - 9.00€
  25KG - 170.00€
  180KG - 875.00€

Ravenop Super EP - Langzeitfett je visoko kvalitetna litijumska mast EP (Extreme Pressure) aditivima za Long Life upotrebu kod svih putničkih, teretnih vozila i građevinske mehanizacije

DIN 51 502: KP2K-30

RAVENOL Super EP-Langzeitfett is a high quality grease with heavy-metal-free EP additives. This generation of additive packages ensures a long life of the parts to be lubricated and reduces maintenance costs.

RAVENOL Super EP-Langzeitfett is due to its smooth structure is easily conveyed.

RAVENOL Super EP-Langzeitfett is based on high-quality base oil by using lithium soaps (Li-12-hydroxy stearate) as thickener. Due to this they avail of an outstanding work resistance. Futhermore, RAVENOL Super EP-Langzeitfett contain additives to improve the rust and corrosion-preventing behaviour.

Application Notes


RAVENOL Super EP-Langzeitfett is used for the lubrication of heavily loaded plain and rolling bearings under the influence of moisture, vibration and shock loads. The standard applies to the lubrication of chassis, wheel bearings and universal joints in the automotive sector as well as machinery and general industry, construction industry, agriculture.



RAVENOL Super EP-Langzeitfett offers:

  • Universal application, multi-purpose mixed pattern for machinery
  • Excellent impact and wear-EP
  • Very good oxidation and corrosion protection even in the presence of moisture
  • Very good mechanical stability
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Long service life and thus extended lubrication intervals possible
  • Very good resistance to aging
  • Good pumpability, even at low temperatures