Ravenol Grafitna mast

Proizvođač: Ravenol
Vrsta proizvoda: Masti i paste
Model: 1340102
Jedinica mjere: Kom
Šifra: 1726


  400G - 4.50€
  1KG - 9.00€

Ravenol Mehrzweckfwtt Grafitna mast je veoma kvalitetna, litijumska mast sa dodatkom grafita otporna na visoke temperature namijenjena podmazivanju teretnih vozila i građevinske mehanizacije

DIN 51 502: KPF2K-30, ISO 6743 PART 9: ISO-L-XCCFB2

RAVENOL Mehrzweckfett mit Graphit is a lithium saponified multipurpose grease with finely divided graphite to increase heavy loads at very high temperatures.

RAVENOL Mehrzweckfett mit Graphit is formulated with a highly refined base oil mixture which contains less than 3% polycyclic aromatics.

Through the graphite at high temperatures a lubrication film on the metals is formed, and the graphite takes lubrication to achieve optimal results.

The optimized formulation of RAVENOL Mehrzweckfett mit Graphit can also capture temperature peaks in the application.

Application Notes


RAVENOL Mehrzweckfett mit Graphit has been designed for applications exposed to high temperatures and shock loads.

RAVENOL Mehrzweckfett mit Graphit is used in oven conveyor belts, pistons in hydraulic pumps and all types of bearings that run at low speeds.

RAVENOL Mehrzweckfett mit Graphit is also used as a sealant in high temperature gaskets from steam pipes and other hot pipe connections.  



RAVENOL Mehrzweckfett mit Graphit offers:


  • an extreme shear stability
  • an excellent corrosion protection
  • a very good mechanical and chemical stability
  • a very good aging resistant
  • a good pump output also at low temperatures