Ravenol SSF Servolenkung

Proizvođač: Ravenol
Vrsta proizvoda: Hidraulična ulja
Model: 1181100
Jedinica mjere: L
Šifra: 1403


  1L - 12.00€
  4L - 45.00€

Ravenol SSF Special Servolenkung CHF fluid je specijalno fullsintetičko hidraulično ulje za novije varijante elektro hidrauličkih upravljačkih i kočionih sistema putničkih i teretnih vozila.

ISO 7308/DIN 51 524, PART 2
VW TL 521 46 (G002 000, G004 000 M2)/MB 343.0/MB 344.0/MB 345.0/CHF11S/CHF202/OPEL 1940 715/OPEL 1940 766/FORD M2C204-A2/FORD 1 384 110/ZF TE-ML 02K/SAAB 93160548/BMW 83 29 0 429 576/CITROEN 9979 A1/LAND ROVER COLD CLIMATE PAS FLUID 14315 LRN2261/HYUNDAI/KIA PSF-4 03100-00130/VOLVO 30741424/TOYOTA PSF NEW-W, TOYOTA 08886-01115

RAVENOL SSF Special Servolenkung Fluid is a fully synthetic special hydraulic fluid. Due to its special formulation the properties of RAVENOL SSF Special Servolenkung Fluid are crucial. We assure an excellent cold stability.

Application Notes

RAVENOL SSF Special Servolenkung Fluid is designed for use from -40°C bis +100°C and is therefore recommended for the latest developments in the vehicle market.

RAVENOL SSF Special Servolenkung Fluid fulfils the requirements of VW-Specification TL 521 46 and has therefore an optimal performance behaviour as central hydraulic oil in  power steering, rear axle steering, level control, hydro pneumatic suspension, shock absorbers, for active damping and engine protection, for hydrostatic drive of fan, alternator and air conditioning, for stability and traction systems (ABS/ASR/ASC), central locking, electro-hydraulic convertible top control, hydraulic brake booster and hydro pneumatic suspension for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda. Especially to be used in cold countries.


RAVENOL SSF Special Servolenkung Fluid offers:

  • Extremely low pour point
  • Improved viscosity and coefficient of friction behaviour
  • A very good protection against consumption
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Improved EP-characteristics
  • A good foaming behaviour
  • Neutral behaviour towards sealing materials
  • Reliable protection against corrosion