Ravenol Pumpa za doziranje 350ml

Ravenol Pumpa za doziranje 350ml

Proizvođač: Ravenol
Vrsta proizvoda: Servis ulja
Model: 1370180
Jedinica mjere: Kom
Šifra: 1940

Ravenol pumpa za doziranje i izvlačenje raznih fluida bez dodatnog rezervoara  kapaciteta 350ml. Ovaj proizvod se može koristiti za doziranje ili izvlačenje motornih, mjenjačkih, hidrauličnih, kočionih ulja i svih drugih tečnosti pa i goriva jer je napravljena od ekstremno kvalitetne plastike otporne na sve fluide. Idealna za zamjenu ulja u diferencijalima, reduktorima i upravljačkim sistemima

RAVENOL Utility In & Out Fluid Syringe is a transparent oil extractor pump with a plastic oil syringe which can be used to extract and refill oils or other fluids.

RAVENOL Utility In & Out Fluid Syringe is suitable for:

Engine, hydraulic and transmission oils up to SAE 140, waste oil, petroleum, heating oil and other non-corrosive liquids.

RAVENOL Utility In & Out Fluid Syringe has a capacity of approx. 0.35 litres. Two oil-resistant pipes are supplied with the syringe, measuring 300 mm in length in two diameters of 9.8 mm and 11 mm. A stopper to seal the pipes is also supplied.

RAVENOL Utility In & Out Fluid Syringe can be dismantled, making it easy to clean.

Application Notes

Areas of application and handling:

  • Rear differential oil changes
  • Transmission oil changes
  • Brake fluid changes in the braking system / brake bleeding system
  • Draining oil from the drive system
  • Steering fluid changes
  • Filling with anti-freeze windscreen wash

Fix the required pipe to the head and ensure that the valve at the head of the pump is open and ready for use. Prior to use, turn the handle so that it can be manoeuvred easily.

Insert the pipe into the liquid and using the handle, pull the pump up into the cylinder until it is full. Allow the pipe to drain completely and then close the pump valve at the head by turning it so that the liquid which has been suctioned cannot escape. Take the supplied container, open the valve tip once again and release the suctioned liquid by pressing down on the handle.


Technical data:

Contents:         Syringe                       0.35 litres

Capacity in ml and quarts:                100, 200, 300 ml and 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 quarts

Pipe 1:                                                   ø 9.8 mm x 300 mm

Pipe 2:                                                   ø 11 mm x 300 mm

Pipe stoppers

Suitable for use with all non-caustic liquids such as engine oil and brake fluid. Not suitable for use with fuel!